A Help

I don’t want stand

On a pedestal

But teach me Lord

To be humble

And if you’ll help

Me just to stand

I’ll let you lead

And guide my hand


To be a help Lord

That’s all I ask

To see a need arise

And not hold back

To go and do

All that I can

By lifting up

My brother’s hand


Let straight be my steps

In all of your ways

That I fear not

Nor be dismayed

Let my hands works

Glean in your field

And all my days

To your spirit yield


Let Me In

Let me peek inside your closet.

I’m not afraid of what I will find,

Baby, I’ve got secrets too.

But, if you’ll let me inside your heart now,

I’ll bear my soul to you.

Once Upon A Dream

I have walked with you once upon a dream.

In summertime, through pastures, oh so green.

I have held your hand amidst the stars at night,

Dreading the coming of the morning light.

I have laid  my head upon your shoulder,

Winding my arm through yours, leaning closer.

Alas! Our time could not last forever.

Despite all my efforts and endeavors.

But, I’ll dwell on you whilst I am awake.

It’s said, “A dream is a wish your heart makes.”




The place you call home and love.

Echo- Above


Past the clouds in the sky.

Echo- High


Do you speak high, or low?

Echo- No


For occasion to  be selfish

Echo- Wish


In the day, you’re beyond sight.

Echo- Night


We glimpse at you from afar.

Echo- Star






A Psalm

The breath of God sweeps across the deep
Encircling all that I am
My soul yields like a flower to the sun
Oh God, breath in me the breath of life
Let your river flow through this earth
That I may bear fruit of righteousness
And in your presence, forever dwell

For thou art the Lord, the only God
Who rules beside thee?
Your word consumes me like a blazing fire
Can anything stand before thee?
Surely, your truth hath set me free
Yet, bind me dear Lord
Make me a prisoner of thy love
And keep me all my days


So many names
Many more faces
When we gather together
In all different place
Gowns of all colors
Suits and ties
Behind various masks
We all hide
In splendor and fun
We make new acquaintance
Not minding we’ve traveled
A lengthy distance
We greet with smiles
And shakes of the hand
But a pleasant face
Is easy to misunderstand
Customs and manners
Can be refined
But secrets of thought
Are hidden in the mind
So look a little deeper
At every adornment arrayed
Veracity of Character is hidden
Behind the displayPast the face we portray
At the Masquerade

In The Ark

A while back I was thinking on events in this world. All the bombings, shooting, and wars and how tragic they all are. I just started praying. Praying for the people targeted and hurt by these things, the people who are doing them, and just the whole lost world. My heart grieved for them, so I prayed to the Lord, “Lord have mercy on this world. Have mercy on these people who don’t know or understand. Lord help them, have mercy on them.” As I was earnestly praying I just heard that still small voice say in my spirit, “I have.” I wept a lot harder then. Oh how great is God? To KNOW that He did have mercy on the world and YOU were one of those. The Lord in His mercy is calling unto a people. A people that was of the world, who did not deserve to live. Different people from all different kinds of places, and He’s calling them into the ark where they will be safe. I’m thankful to be one of them!! I heeded the call and I found a place of safety, and a place of rest for my soul in the ark of Jesus Christ. And the door is not shut yet!

To Write Or Not To Write

To write or not to write?

‘Tis not a question at all.

Write about everything, big or small.

To write or not to write?

‘Tis such a foolish thing to ask.

Write about the future, the present, or the past.

To write or not to write?

‘Tis a ridiculous thought.

Write about peace, and many wars fought.

To write or not to write?

I shall indulge it no more.

For I will write about life, love, and much much more.